Our Uniqueness





LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited has one of the most unique operations in Bangladesh, clearly setting the company apart from the rest of the cement companies and other industries in Bangladesh.

The Company’s cement plant in Chattak is the only fully integrated cement plant in Bangladesh where clinker and cement of high premium quality are produced. Clinker, a semi finished product, is the primary raw material for producing cement. Apart from Chhatak, the entire cement industry in Bangladesh imports its clinker from abroad and from different sources, based on price and availability. But LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited produces its own clinker under set high quality parameters, that guarantees consistency and premiumness of the clinker’s quality. As clinker is the primary raw material for cement, consistency in cement quality can only be guaranteed when there is consistency in clinker quality, and this is a feature that only LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited can guarantee.

The state of the art technology and international standard Quality Control and Monitoring system is also another distinctive feature that sets LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited apart from the rest of the cement companies. The company’s products go through stringent quality control 24/7.  While the dedicated experts in the business are concentrating to provide customers with the best product and services, the high end machinery automatically tests and sends real-time online production results against strict adherence parameters. 

The Plant sources its limestone (which is required to produce clinker) from its own quarry in Meghalaya, India, which has one of the best quality limestone deposits in the world. This limestone then travels cross country through a 17 km conveyer belt into the company’s cement plant in Chhatak. In November 2000, the two Governments of India and Bangladesh signed a historic agreement in order to support this unique cross border commercial venture, and till date it is the only cross border industrial venture between the two countries.

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh is also unique in its contribution to the development of the country and economy. This commercial venture, with an investment of USD 500 million is one of the largest foreign investments in Bangladesh. By supplying clinker to other cement producers in the market and through import substitution of clinker, the company helps the country save USD 45 million worth of foreign currency per year. Apart from these, the Company also contributes to the sustainable development of the society, economy and environment though its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the area of education, health, employment generation, infrastructure development and environmental management.


Our Strength:

  • We are the only integrated cement plant in Bangladesh.

  • We are the only manufacturer that can ensure consistent quality cement as we produce our own clinker whereas the rest of the cement companies import from abroad.

  • We source our limestone from our own quarry, one of the best limestone mines in the world.

  • We have state of the art technology and processes and an international standard 24/7 Quality Control and Monitoring system