Geocycle Bangladesh is a part of the worldwide network of Geocycle waste management companies. In Bangladesh, we have been offering our professional services in the field of waste management since 2012. At our single platform for waste material co-processing, we focus on solution for both hazardous and nonhazardous solid waste, ETP sludge, waste oil, pharmaceutical waste etc.

In Bangladesh with expansion of industrial base and population growth, increasingly larger volumes of waste are generated. For Geocycle Bangladesh, this creates an opportunity to actively contribute to responsible waste management by following a sustainable approach. LafargeHolcim Bangladesh provides such services at its Chhatak plant -the country’s sole integrated cement plant-enabling the disposal of suitable wastes in a safe and environmentally superior manner.



We offer solutions in the following areas:​

Geocycle Bangladesh strictly implements the LafargeHolcim Group standards for co-processing of waste in alignment with international standards. This prohibits the use of materials that pose either health or environmental risks, or would compromise on clinker quality.

We have been providing co-processing services to some of Bangladesh’s leading oil & gas, pharmaceutical, agro product, food and consumer goods companies. We have co-processed a wide range of waste including:

·        off-spec consumer products

·        contaminated packaging material

·        expired chemically-treated seeds

·        contaminated soil

·        incinerator ash

·        ETP sludge (textile & other industries)

·        Used oil, hydrocarbon sludge

·        expired or off-spec medicine

·        contaminated waste water

·        selected chemicals in a liquid, solid or semi solid form

Local Specialty:

We also ensure security of the waste being delivered for disposal. This means that waste generators can be confident that none of their out-of-spec or expired products sent to us is sold through informal networks.

A passion for health, safety and the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We conduct our activities professionally and responsibly, carefully managing the risks of our business. This protects our employees, communities and the environment in which we operate. Also this safeguards and enhances the reputation of our customers.