About Us

Cement is at the heart of infrastructural development and at Holcim Bangladesh we ensure that we manufacture the best to give the future a solid foundation. Ever since we established our operations in Bangladesh in 2000, we have been striving to produce the best quality cement and contribute to the infrastructural development of the country by delivering high quality products and cutting-edge technical solutions to our customers.


Corporate Profile

HBL is the first cement company in Bangladesh to have application-based multi-products.  Since beginning, it has shifted focus from a mere production orientation to a marketing and services orientation that includes Customer Care Center – a 24-hour virtual service, Mobile Concrete Laboratory facility, delivery in bulk, home building facilitation program, and club for architects and engineers, among other initiatives.

The name “Holcim” has become synonymous with “quality cement for large construction projects”. Various infrastructure icons of the country, including City Center, the tallest building in Dhaka, Bangabandhu Multipurpose Bridge, the longest bridge in Bangladesh and other notable construction projects have been built with Holcim cement. As a customer-focused, socially responsible and best-managed company, Holcim Bangladesh has been honored with various prestigious awards, recognitions and accolades over time.

Almost every year Holcim Bangladesh undertakes various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) initiatives including plantation projects, education assistance for the children of masons, training and insurance facilities for masons, medical treatment for local communities and sponsoring of sports programs. 

Holcim believes in doing business in the right way – by being compliant with local laws, global best-practices and group directives. One of Holcim’s core objectives is the creation of value for all and the company strives to ensure their actions are sustainable at all levels – economic, ecological and social.