We are the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Our purpose is to build progress for people and the planet. At LafargeHolcim, you’ll be part of a group of 60,000 passionate, pioneering and high-performing people. Our teams inspire each other to deliver the most innovative and sustainable building solutions to accelerate the world’s green transformation. At LafargeHolcim, you can put your passion to work. Are you ready to build progress with us?

Farjana Ehsan, DGM Business Development
Latifur Rahman, Sr. Manager - Geocycle
Munmun Hasan, Product Development Manager


When you choose to build progress with us, you can expect your experience to be shaped by six core principles:


We have a deep history of innovation—one that continues to evolve. We embrace smart technology and continuously empower our people to find better ways to build and deliver the next generation of building solutions to the Bangladeshi community.


We're committed to creating a net-zero future. That's why we go the extra mile to anchor all our strategies on climate action. Together with our partners, stakeholders, and clients, we help decarbonize buildings across its full life cycle.


We celebrate diversity here at Holcim Philippines. We bring together hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds, generations, cultures, and abilities in an inclusive workplace that respects differences while creating equitable opportunities for all.

We support our people to shape their careers in the best way possible. That's why we invest in world-class learning & development programs to create opportunities for our people to grow and thrive.
We believe in the power of collaboration. We're always excited to hear fresh ideas. And we strive to foster a culture of teamwork that inspires our people to pave the way for innovative solutions that lead to stronger results for the Filipino community.
We value excellence. That's why we inspire our people to perform at their best daily. We foster a workplace culture where people continually raise the bar in delivering exceptional results and a positive impact on society and the environment.


Building the world we want to live in

Our world is growing, with the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. Rapid urbanization means that 70% of people are expected to live in cities by the same date. With 1.6 billion people lacking adequate housing and sanitation, we need to build liveable cities that work for all. At LafargeHolcim, we are part of the solution. And you can be too. Be part of our vision to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Together, we have an important role to play in accelerating our world’s transition toward a net-zero future. Build progress with us.

Decarbonizing building across its entire life cycle
Pushing the boundaries of digitalization and innovation
Thriving with our people and communities