Our roles are as unique as you are. Opportunities at LafargeHolcim range from Construction Managers and Architects, Engineers and Geologists, to Marketing and Communications professionals, and roles in Legal, Health and Safety, HR and Project Management. There are many ways to build progress with us. What do these roles have in common? Passionate, positive and pioneering people around the world who work together and share a passion for our planet.



Our operations teams are dedicated to delivering the products and solutions our customers rely on. Our engineers in our plants, our fleets of truck drivers and mechanics and our logistics teams all play a key role in ensuring products reach our customers on time. A role in operations will see you at the heart of a collaborative team who make things happen.

I have worked in different positions at LafargeHolcim in my last 11 years and currently working as a Senior Manager in Geocycle. In my function as an operation expert, my task is to lead the team to prepare an optimum fuel mix to maximize alternative fuels usage and accelerate sustainable growth. LafargeHolcim has provided me with a wide range of opportunities to grow and develop as a leader. Most importantly, it has empowered me to work at my best capacity and enabled me to contribute for the people & the planet. I am proud to work at LafargeHolcim. Sustainability is at the core of its strategy. LafargeHolcim is driving the circular economy through Geocycle by providing sustainable waste management solutions to the country and contributing to create a better environment & future.
Md. Latifur Rahman, Senior Manager, Geocycle


I am a dedicated professional with extensive experience in logistics, end to end delivery, automation, and project implementation joined in this esteemed organization more than 1.5 years back. LafargeHolcim Bangladesh gave me the opportunities to manage complex logistics environment and ensure customer satisfactions by focusing on meticulous planning, effective execution, and continuous improvement through cost-effective autonomous projects.
Md. Touhidul Islam, Manager, Procurement & Logistics


We’re pushing the boundaries of innovation to build progress for people and the planet. It’s why we’ve built the largest R&D organization in the industry, with six innovation centers, 300 researchers and 1,500 active patents. It’s why we partner with hundreds of start-ups, like-minded companies and leading academic institutions. It’s why we actively seek out groundbreaking ideas for positive, sustainable change, from all industries.

Join us to be a part of a talented group of scientists, lab specialists, technicians and thought-leaders using their voice to challenge conventional thinking.

Contributing to Nation building and being able to bring in new innovations and sustainable technologies, thanks to the innovative mindset and forward thinking of our Holcim Group enables us to build upon our core strengths and develop our future talents. This is what brings immense satisfaction at the end of the  day.
Neel Savio Azavedo, Business Development Director

I am leading the ream of National Technical Services & Concrete Innovation & Application Center(CIAC) here in Bangladesh. I have to ensure effective strategies and high quality technical support services nationwide for our valued clients, conduct technical training for internal & external stakeholders and constantly focus on innovation for sustainable product solutions. I feel proud to lead a dynamic team that strives for bringing sustainable change in the construction industry of Bangladesh.
Fakhruddin Mohammad Khan, Head of Technical Sales

I'm very excited about the opportunities and the potential that we have to support and address a number of the construction industry's problems by using our modern lab and combined resources to develop advanced systems and solutions.
Md. Shofiul Islam, Deputy Manager - Quality Assurance


Our sales and marketing teams connect our partners and customers to our world-class products and solutions. The teams help us to be customer-centric in everything we do, on our journey to become a world leader in innovative and sustainable building products. A role in sales and marketing will see you in a high-performance team, dedicated to driving the growth and performance of our business.

Being the Head of Trade Marketing, I play a pivotal role in driving success of my organization by focusing on strategies and activities that enhance the product's presence & performance in the marketplace through channel partner relationship, promotional strategies, market Insight & category management. These initiatives through innovation ensure spanning the gap between organization & market place which safeguarding the ultimate organization goals.
Mahbub Rushdi, Head of Trade Marketing


Building progress for people and the planet is no small feat. It requires a seamlessly connected organization, performing at its best. That means cutting-edge IT capabilities, people-focused HR, the sharpest legal and financial minds and health and safety teams keeping our 60,000 employees across the globe safe at work. Holcim’s support functions are the backbone of our organization.

Currently I am leading the Internal Audit and Internal Control of LafargeHolcim Bangladesh, the safest workplace I have ever experienced. During the last 11 years journey with this Company, I got the opportunities to shape my career with versatile experience of various important roles within the Finance & IT Function. I am so grateful to the Management of the Company for placing their trust in me and grooming me to excel with strong leadership profile.
Mohammad Nurul Alam, Head of Internal Audit and Internal Control

At LHBL, as HR professionals, we are committed to attracting top talent, fostering their development, and ensuring long-term retention to support our growth. We provide opportunities for global exposure, enabling employees to thrive in a collaborative and diverse culture. Our dedication to employee welfare, health and safety for better workplace and we are focusing on sustainability, and CSR initiatives underscores our commitment to creating a green world. We take great pride in being part of this transformative journey.
S.M. Abu Saleh, Senior Manager - HR Operations