Whether you’re starting out in the world of work with an internship or apprenticeship, or applying for graduate roles, we can help you build an exciting future. LafargeHolcim is dedicated to supporting our students, graduates and early career talents in shaping a career that works for them. At LafargeHolcim, you’ll find a high-performing, inclusive culture with the support you need to learn, grow and thrive.


Students and Interns

An exciting career at LafargeHolcim doesn’t have to wait until you’ve finished university. We offer a variety of technical and business apprenticeships in different locations. Combining classroom and onsite learning helps you develop the skills you need to kick-start your career.

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Ltd. has been my first ever company that I am working for. My experience as a Procurement Intern here for almost five months has been incredibly invigorating. I have learned so many new things that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future career. From the moment I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by everyone, and I felt accepted for who I am. Five months may be a very short span of time, but the memories here that I created with all the people, I’ll cherish them forever! Also, the endless talks and advices from my friendly colleagues are going to inspire me throughout the whole life ahead!
Ishraq Ush Shaheed, Intern, Procurement 


I am excited to be part of a company that is making a real difference in the world. At LafargeHolcim, I gain valuable experience in human resources and learning about the important role in sustainable construction. I am seeing firsthand how LafargeHolcim is building a strong talent pipeline to help develop Bangladesh. It is inspiring to be part of a company that is not only leading the way in sustainable construction but also helping shape the future of Bangladesh's workforce.
Sadia Zaman, Human Resources Intern, LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited

When you join a LafargeHolcim graduate scheme, you’ll receive the practical experience and structured development you need to start building your career.

Starting as an HSE Intern at LHBL, I never anticipated the incredible path I would take here. The boundless opportunities for learning and growth have continuously shaped my path, and the inclusive atmosphere here has been a cornerstone for developing both my technical acumen and interpersonal skills. Evolving from a HSE Coordinator to co-leading the Production department of more than hundred team members stands as a testament to the invaluable guidance and mentorship I’ve received. LHBL thrives on a culture of diversity, creativity, and collaboration, where experienced minds converge to drive success. Being part of LHBL is not just a career, but a continuous journey of growth and fulfillment.
Kawser Hasan Chowdhury, Senior Executive, Production

Starting as an intern and rising to Deputy Manager, my career at LafargeHolcim showcases the ample growth and development opportunities within the company. Over the years, I've advanced to a position where I significantly impact and protect the health and safety of our workers. My journey here brims with continuous learning and growth. HSE is a culture that we actively create together, not just a set of rules. Effective HSE management relies on continuous improvement.
Md. Tariqul Islam, Deputy Manager (H&S Coordinator MH) and former intern



At LafargeHolcim, we’re dedicated to helping people find their spark and shape a career that works for them. We have multiple initiatives in place to support our early talent.

Early Careers Leadership Program

This six-month leadership program enables our early career leaders to gain experience, improve their business skills, increase their exposure to senior management, build their global network and grow as leaders. The program is fully online and is structured around insights from renowned international experts.

The ECLP program is the most exceptional leadership training I have experienced, providing a thorough global outlook on leadership methods. It promotes the growth of professional networks through interactions with colleagues from around the world. With world-class instructors, the program stays engaging throughout its sessions. Moreover, it offers the invaluable chance to engage in real-life project implementations.
Saadat Hossain, Manager - Logistics, Performance & Analytics

Being an industrial personnel, strategic decision was always been my weakness. ECLP program helped upright my strategic analysis skills. 360° feedback from peer and supervisor made me committed towards advancement. This program open a window to work with global peer and opportunity to learn from experience. All together this is a remarkable mile stone for my career.
Nahida Sharmin, Sr. Manager, QA