Our Solution: Holcim Water Protect


Holcim Water Protect

water protect revised bag



A unique tailor made product that addresses the key problems of water seepage, dampness and water ingress that are of significant concern for home builders. Developed through continuous consumer engagement and research, Holcim Water Protect has been scientifically formulated and customized for the Bangladesh market by leveraging LafargeHolcim‘s Smart Blend Technology. Holcim Water Protect a Portland Composite Cement (PCC) complies with BDS EN 197-1:2010, CEM II/B-M (V-S-L), 42.5N standard


Reduced capillary absorption (<40%), reduced capillary action resisting the permeation of water thus making it damp and seepage resistant

Lower cost of construction as no additional waterproofing chemicals and treatment is required

~25% less CO2 emissions versus Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)