Our Solution: Supercrete



supercrete new bag


Supercrete, the only Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) brand in Bangladesh, complies with BDS EN 197-1: 2003, CEM II/ B-L, 42.5N standard. Own clinker production facility and usage ensure the consistent quality of Supercrete Cement.  It is an effective product for versatile concrete solutions with a significant benefit for construction cost savings. It also has an aesthetic demand (Fair Face Surface) and a priority recommended product by construction professionals (Architect & Engineers).


Uniqueness of Supercrete Cement: 


Consistent Quality - Own clinker production facility and modern quality control system ensures consistent quality of cement.


Superior Bonding Strength - Limestone usage provides a uniform particle size distribution (UPSD) resulting supreme bonding strength.


Durable Concrete - Improved fineness (Blain) of cement increases density of concrete that ensures durability.