Holcim Strong Structure


Holcim (Strong Structure), a Portland Composite Cement (PCC) complies with BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM II/B-M (S-V-L), 42.5N standard. The usage of this type of cement started from last few decades in Bangladesh. Holcim (Strong Structure) is suitable for all types of construction works as raw material of concrete and mortar. Being PCC types cement containing PFA & slag, Holcim (Strong Structure) provides long term strength development advantage in concrete.



Long Term Strength: The Pozzolanic characteristics and Latent Hydraulic reaction initiated by Holcim (Strong Structure) helps to gain strength beyond 28 Days.


Improved Workability: The particles of PFA and slag presence in Holcim (Strong Structure) provide a ball bearing mechanism to concrete aggregates. This increases the workability of the concrete and eases placing.


Chemical Resistance: Usage of Holcim (Strong Structure) produces less permeable and denser concrete which restrict the penetration of moisture and air inside finished concrete. Thus reinforcements used in RCC are safe from corrosion effect.



Holcim Grey




Holcim Grey, an innovative solution for Soil stabilization Segment under the cement category BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEMIIIA 32.5N.

This is a cost optimized solutions with proper workability according to soil type as per the project requires. The easier soil mixing with optimum cement solution will lead to faster deep soil mixing process reducing risk for users regarding the potential extra days for execution.


Holcim Red



Holcim (Red) is an Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) complies with BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM I, 52.5N standard. The clinker, the key quality factor of Holcim Red, mainly comes from reliable and authentic sources of Vietnam and Thailand. The specialty of Holcim Red is that it gains strength within very short time which adds advantage for concrete as well as the whole project