Mr. Manzurul Islam is one of the most respected business personalities in Bangladesh. He has over 35 years of experience and knowledge of managing various businesses in Bangladesh. Mr. Islam is the Chairman of Islam Group – the group that played an instrumental role in bringing legacy Lafarge group as a foreign partner in Bangladesh. As a promoter, he is the longest serving member on the Board of Directors’ of the Company and plays a key role in the strategic developments of the Company. 

Islam group has diverged into multidimensional sectors under his leadership including engineering, construction, trading, manufacturing – pharmaceuticals, jute, media, real estate, finance and agricultural sector. Mr. Islam is the Executive Committee Member of Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies. He is the former President of France-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry, former Chairman of IFIC Bank Ltd. and former Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Associations of Banks.  

Mr. Islam attended Capthorne School, Sussex, UK and Westminster School, London, UK. He completed his graduation in Economics from the University of London, UK.